Monday, February 21, 2011

post a blog on rest time?

since ms lin let us back i can update my blog for about 10 minutes
yesterday, i asked kak naz bout what i was thinking on the bathroom
she said ok, then i need to pay her silat fee..
maybe it just a little to compare learn from language centre
i dont try to make an assay, this is a journal erm..maybe..
i got a task from ms nazlin to find an article about number and make it a graph..
before that, madam nad told me to finish tutorial 7 and we will discuss it on friday, on saturday, we have test...blahblahblah....i skip for chapter 1, i need to consult it or i will be fail.. 
next...biology... i love biology but i dont love memorizing...
it is luck because miss nina have enough skill to teach us..
maybe it easy for her because we just only 5. forgot... last night, we were discuss about this coming saturday,
i will not back home, but kak mira will...
so we just couple for a night...
sue asked to go to PD, yes..i know the place since i have been there once with my hubby..
i dont know whether it will be or no..let just it be...and see what will happen..
it doesnt matter for me, but both ira n yan..
i dont know...........blahhhhhh

i am fasting....but there eat in front of me...the KAKAK also selling...
it is really a test for calm linda.... 

oh...lastly, i dont mean to show off bout my ENGLISH journal..
it just mean to improve my skill..
i hope kaknaz will teach me the best n i can fluently talk in eng ok...